Beach Boxes — Seasonal


About our beach boxes:

Our custom beach boxes can store up to five chairs and two umbrellas and whatever else you can stash in there. Perfect for beach goers with rental homes, families or those staying for a few weeks.

About Seasonal Box Rentals:

Available on all beaches in Cape May Cove-Trenton Ave Beach and are ready for use starting the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend through September 21.

Rental Rates

Season: $460

How to check in:

Our weekly, monthly and seasonal boxes are designated by name plates. However, if you have difficulty finding your beach box or have any questions at check in, please check in with our staff at the Steger Beach Service Concession Stands located on the beach and remember to bring a copy of your confirmation with you.

Please remember – Seasonal Box Renters:
  1. Beach Box reservations are first come – first serve.
  2. Existing clients will be placed on a mailing list and will receive renewal reminders in March.
  3. Customers must provide their own locks.
  4. For Seasonal box rentals, your name will be stenciled on a red plate where you will be able to identify your box. For weekly box rental, your name will be stenciled on a yellow plate at the end of the box row.
  5. For seasonal boxes, every item in your beach box or cabana must be removed by September 21 2020.
  6. For seasonal weekly boxes, boxes must be vacated Friday evening or early Saturday morning. If boxes are not emptied in time your lock will be cut and items will be placed at the nearest concession stand.
  7. Steger Beach Service is not responsible for the following occurrences:
    • Equipment stored in a locked beach box after September 22, 2020.
    • Theft of items inside a beach box as a result of the box not being locked properly, broken into, or vandalized.
    • Equipment inside a beach box that is lost or damaged due to high tides, hurricanes, and rain.
    • Vandalism of a beach box or cabana. Also please note any damages will be repaired or replaced as soon as a report is made.
  8. In the event of an impending storm scenario; if you have concern about security of contents of your box please remove items to ensure their safety. Also please be aware that services previously enjoyed in the months of May through early August is difficult to predict and guarantee in peak of hurricane season during late August and early September. Other weather related occurrences such as tidal flooding and beach erosion may also alter beachfront and services offered during that time.

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